Mom: A Girl's Best Friend

Since Mother's Day is right around the corner, I thought this post would be fitting. Have you ever actually sat down and thought about how important your mom is? Have you hugged your mom or told her you love and appreciate her recently? If you haven't and you are able, I suggest you do so as often as you can. In my opinion, Moms are one of the most important people in our lives. Not to say that dads are not as important, but I haven't had nearly the same type of relationship with my dad as I did with my mom. I say this because of how my mom impacted my life during the time she was here. Almost all of my favorite memories are with my mom, and almost every memory I recall involves her in some way. She was always looking out for what was best for me, always made sure I was happy, and always tried her best to give me the best life she could. My mom worked extremely hard to give me the life I have, and I am eternally grateful. There was not a second in the day when I did not feel how strongly my mom loved me. She never missed an opportunity to hug me, or to tell me how much I meant to her. She spent almost all of her free time with me, when I would give her my time at least. She never missed a school or sports event that I was a part of, and never failed to cheer me on. She always listened to me complain, and held me and wiped my tears when I cried. And there was never a time when my mom wasn't there for me.
My mom wasn't only a big part of my life, but she impacted the people around me as well. She was the mom who was always involved with my friends and the one who was always looking out for them as well. Our home was open to anyone in need, and she would spend her last dollar to help someone if needed. She taught me how to be kind and how to love unconditionally. She taught me how to feed the ones I love and how to care for those in need. She made sure I knew what I was capable of, and that i can achieve anything I put my mind to. My mom was my biggest supporter and my best friend from the moment I was born to the day she passed.
And now that she's not here, I cannot express enough that I would give absolutely anything to be able to see her one more time. As I said, my mom gave me the world whenever she could, not matter how much money we had. I know hindsight is 2020, but I wish I took more time to appreciate her when I could. I know she knew how much I loved her, but I just wish I told her more. I remember getting annoyed when she would call me on her lunch break because I just couldn't be bothered. I remember hating that she expected me to always text her when I got home, or to call her when I got home from school. The worst part is, I remember spending the last few nights I had with her alone. Instead of sitting by her side while she laid sick in the hospital bed, I stayed at home alone with my dogs because I couldn't bare to see her the way she was. I took care of her as much as I could as a 20 year old, grieving, full-time college student. But, I most definitely did not spend as much time with her as I could have. I wish I could go back and lay with her a little longer, or even hug her a little tighter. I wish I had her nagging me to text her when I get home, or pestering me on her lunch break because she wants someone to keep her company. I took these things, as well as many others, for granted and I wish I knew what I had. This is my 2nd Mother's Day without my mom, but I hope she still feels loved and appreciated up in heaven. I miss her more than anything, and I am forever grateful for the impact she's had on my life. For those of you who have the opportunity to tell your mom how much you appreciate her, I recommend taking advantage of that. Take advantage of the love your mom has for you, and always let her know you love her just as much.
Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there, you're so very loved and appreciated!

In honor of Beverly Ann Ritter: daughter, mother, and the best friend a girl could ask for.

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